The Man Who Wore His Wife’s Sarong

The Man Who Wore His Wife's Sarong by Suchen Christine Lim
Stories Of The Unsung, Unsaid & Uncelebrated In Singapore

ISBN: 9781912049080
ISBN: 9781912049097 (E-book)
Monsoon Books, Singapore.


This is the new 2017 edition of
The Lies That Build A Marriage,
with five new stories added.


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A toilet cleaner is forced to borrow from a loan shark to save her HIV infected son; a private-eye who channels Monkey God discovers the dark secret between her adoptive father and sister … In The Man Who Wore His Wife’s Sarong, Suchen Christine Lim tells stories of the unsaid, unsung & uncelebrated that strip off the mask of Singapore’s prosperity and coded decorum to reveal the prejudices, tensions and taboos in families.




‘… these stories tackle difficult themes that discomfit a mainstream congregation or audience, and highlight difficult subjects … The stories speak to those who know what it is like to live at the margins of society dealing with issues we do not discuss with our family members. Read the stories and talk about them.’

~ Rev Dr Yap Kim Hao,
The 1st elected Asian Bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia & Singapore, and Pastoral Advisor, Free Community Church


The Man Who Wore His Wife’s Sarong (Monsoon Books) is a delightful collection of Singaporean tales with political comment and social insights neatly stitched in the fabric of the stories. The dialogues in the stories were authentic, delightful and often quite hilarious.’

~ Malachi Edwin Vethamani,
Professor of Modern English Literature
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus