Suchen Christine Lim
“A fictionist who dares to voice the unspeakable”
                                      ~ Philippine Daily Inquirer
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The River's Song novel by Suchen Christine Lim
The Lies That Build A Marriage short stories by Suchen Christine Lim
Fistful of Colours novel by Suchen Christine Lim
A Bit Of Earth novel by Suchen Christine Lim
Rice Bowl novel by Suchen Christine Lim
Gift From The Gods novel by Suchen Christine Lim

Other Works by Suchen

The Amah: A Portrait in Black & White,
co-authored with Ooi, Ophelia, in Le Blond, Max (ed.),
Prize Winning Plays Vol. 1 NUS-SHELL Short Plays,
National University of Singapore, 1986.
Awarded Merit Prize,
Singapore Short Play Competition, 1986.

Short Stories
Gloria in Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature, pub International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Dec 2007. or
Christmas at Singapore Casket in The Straits Times, Dec 2003, Singapore.

Ah Nah - An Interpretation in Westerly Vol 48 Nov 2003, Westerly Centre, University of Western Australia.

Retired Rebel in Silverfish New Writing 3: An Anthology of stories from Malaysia, Singapore & Beyond pub. Silverfish, Kuala Lumpur, 2003.

Tragedy of My Third Eye in Mukherjee, Dipita et al. (ed.), The Merlion & Hibiscus, Penguin India, 2002.

Clash of the Clans in World Literature Today Vol. 74 No. 2, University of Oklahoma, Spring 2000.

Two Brothers in Yamada, Teri Shafter (ed.), Virtual Lotus: Modern Fiction of Southeast Asia, University of Michigan, 2000.

Bandong in Leong, Liew Geok (ed.), More Than Half The Sky: Creative Writings by Thirty Singaporean Women, Times Books International Singapore, 1998.

Stories of the Overseas Chinese pub. SNP International, Singapore, 2005.

Children’s Books
12 Big Books for Young Children, pub. by SNP Singapore & Ministry of Education, Singapore, 1990:

  1. Granny
  2. When My Baby Sister Came Home
  3. Grandpa
  4. Woo Won Ton
  5. The Biggest Hongbao in the Whole Wide World
  6. Roti Prata
  7. Ants in a Hurry
  8. Julius Fatball
  9. Nanny Nanny Poo Poo
  10. Cheep Cheep Cheep
  11. The Hatching
  12. Mano Made A Promise

Singaporean Novelist
Singapore Literature Prize
Winner of inaugural prize

S.E.A. Write Award
Singapore winner


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